Ethiopia has provided some of the world's best reviewed single origin premium coffee beans. In general, Ethiopian coffees are best known for their complexity with a pungent, winey quality and a distinct wildness in their acidity.

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We are working together with farmers in Ethiopia for improve beans quality. Best crops of high lands coffee always fresh and available during the season. You can ask samples and cupping results for Lekempeti, Yirgacheffe, Limu and Sidamo. No matter where you are best of beans comes to your cup.


Limu Coffee, which is is grown at elevations ranging from 3,600 to 6,200 feet in southwest Ethiopia, is a high-quality wet processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee that exhibits a relatively low acidity yet is somewhat sharp. Limu and Djimmah are frequently distinguished by being from Western Ethiopia, with Limu being wet processed and Djimmah being dry processed. Limu and Sidamo coffees are frequently interchangeable due to similar flavor profiles. The brewed cup of Limu coffee is distinguished by its well-balanced body (mouthfeel) and noticeable winey and spicy flavors—pleasantly sweet and vibrant.

Characterized by its winey aftertaste, this washed coffee delivers a vibrant, balanced cup with sharp acidity and a classic balanced taste.

Growing Altitude: 1400-2100 m (4590-6880 ft) above sea level

Cup:A well balanced cup. Medium acidity and body with a distinct winey flavour.

Harvest Period: November to January

Milling Process: Washed, Sun-dried


Grown in the Ghimbi and Wollega regions of Ethiopia at elevations between 1700m. and 2,200m. above sea level, Lekempti coffee is known for its pleasant acidity and healthy body reminiscent of Ethiopian Harrar Longberry coffee. Ethiopian Lekempti Coffee also exhibits a slight yet distinct fruity flavor.

Typically used in blends, this coffee is characterized by a fruity flavor and bright acidity. Beans are processed by both the dry and wet methods.

Growing Altitude: 1700-2200 m (5570-7210 ft) above sea level

Cup: Good acidity, medium body with a wild fruity finish

Harvest Period: February - April

Milling Process: Washed, Sun-dried


Known for its sweet flavor and aroma with a light to medium body. Ethiopian Yirgacheffes are spicy and fragrant, and are frequently reviewed and rated as some of the highest quality Arabica coffees in the world.

Considered the finest of all coffees grown in the Horn of Africa, the most prevalent taste characteristic is lemon, which gives a distinct tart bite combined with a rich, floral finish.

Growing Altitude: 1770-2200m (5790-7210 ft) above sea level

Cup: Bright acidity, medium body, marked Jasmine and lemon flavours

Harvest Period: October - December

Milling Process: Washed, Sun-dried


Sidamo is one of the most prolific growing regions in Ethiopia, putting out large volumes of consistently great coffee each year.

Popular among the specialty trade, the beans are processed by either dry or wet methods. The beans produce flavor notes with a spicy character and round, balanced acidity in the cup.

Growing Altitude: 1550-2200 m (5080-7210 ft) above sea level

Cup: Bright acidity, medium body with spicy and citrus flavours

Harvest Period: October - January

Milling Process: Fully Washed, Dried on Raised Beds